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Updates at last?

Yes, that is right. Updates might be finally around the corner.
As you may have seen blog posts now have tags and there is a “Categories” listing in the sidebar.
This is all very exciting and could mean a change of direction for the website (not just network news!).
As you can probably tell, the network is pretty solid and there is no need to post that everything is fine.
Due to this, the staff here at IndirectIRC are thinking of new and exciting ways to use this website to get
people interested in what we do and, dare I say, love (in most cases). If you also feel the same way,
why don’t you read the new blogs (which should be coming shortly) and then join in the conversation
in either #indirect or #anime on our network (How to Connect).
We thank you for flying with IndirectIRC and hope you have enjoyed the journey and use our services again.