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IndirectIRC offers its users flexible services which allow you have an enjoyable chatting experience.
We run Charybdis with Atheme IRC Services. For your convenience, we offer the following IRC services.

  • Nickserv - Nickname management services
  • Chanserv - Channel management services
  • Botserv - Channel bot services
  • Memoserv - send memos to users
  • Hostserv - virtual host (vHost) services

Apart from the IRC services we also offer you with the following services.

  • Automatic hostmasking (other users will not see your IP address)
  • IPv6-enabled servers
  • SSL
  • sasl
  • Webchat
  • Custom Botserv bots for your channel (Talk to an admin in #indirect)
  • Custom hostmasks for you (vHost)