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At the time of writing this list is up to date.

Where to connect to

Generally we recommend connecting to our round robin, which will put you through to a random server of the network. This helps us even the user load across all servers.

Network services are global and available across all servers, so you should notice no difference between them. If you have connection trouble (e.g. server does not answer or slow response times), try reconnecting to the round robin and see if you get allocated another server; if not, try manually connecting to another server from the list below.

Network Layout

Server Location Admins
|- US danp, Zord, Milambar
`- US danp, Zord, Milambar

Standard Open Ports for all servers: 6665-6669

SSL Ports for all servers: 6697, 9999

Round Robin Address:

IPv6 Servers

IPv6 Round Robin: or

IPv6 Enabled Servers:,