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==================Welcome to the IndirectIRC Network==================
Welcome to the network. Thank you for choosing IndirectIRC. We hope
you will enjoy your stay here and have fun. Access to this server is a privilege,
not a right. Staff members may disconnect clients for any or no reason. For any
complaints or suggestions please drop by in #Indirect.
Ports: 6665-6669 SSL:6697, 9999
============================Server Rules==========================
This network is intended to be a place for enjoyment. We try our
best to make this a safe and fun experience for everyone to
chat, relax, and enjoy. Hence, Follow the rules.
-No Spamming/Flooding/Advertising/Hijacking (Take overs)
-No Ban Evading/Flaming/Harassment/Racism (Respect all members)
-Do not create any issues in the network channels
-No sexual talk in the network channels
-Distribution of child pornography will not be tolerated
-Don’t use any offensive/lame nicks
-Disrespect towards the staff/network is a good way to get banned
=========================New to IndirectIRC?=======================
-Drop by our main channel #Indirect and say hi :)
-For network help, join #Indirect
-To register a nick, see “/msg nickserv help register”
-To register a channel, see “/msg chanserv help register”