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Shiro’s new Co-Admin!

Hi everyone,
As of a few days ago, Zord, a long time global operator, who was currently stationed on Chitoge was promoted to Co-Admin of Shiro, To aid in the administration,and maintenance of this server. With this, he carries the same power and authority on Shiro as me, and has full access to all tools formerly available only to me. With this, we will have less gaps in administrative coverage, and less reliance on a single person. Zord has been a behind the scenes emergency backup admin on my servers for years, and this promotion was a long time coming.
Please be sure to congratulate him!
In other news, Any website changes, issues, or news that needs to be posted should also be directed towards him, as he is also the Web Admin for IndirectIRC now.
Thanks for choosing IndirectIRC! has landed!

Hi all,

Recently, has added IndirectIRC to the list of networks they serve. What does this mean for you? Well we now have a public bnc service available to the users of IndirectIRC! is a BNC service that allows up to 3 networks for free. For a small fee, a user can upgrade their account, and get their own dedicated IP, and unlimited numbers or networks. is available on several networks, and keeps expanding. They have servers in several regions around the globe. For those that don’t know what a BNC is, it simply keeps you connected to an IRC Network when you are away. It can also log what is said in the channels you are in while you are away, as well as other useful tasks. For more info about the services provides, check their website¬†or go to their irc channel . BNC signups can be done via the bot in , instructions are provided in the channel topic.

Stay tuned for more news soon, and Thanks for Flying IndirectIRC!

Nexus Linked

Nexus has been officially linked to the network. this gives us US East coast coverage, which we have been severely lacking for some time. nexus is adminned by matthew, and we welcome him to the administration team. I have personally worked with him on other networks(*cough* AlphaChat *cough*), and he is good people. :) I believe he will make a great addition to our administration team.
That’s all for now, stay tuned for more new stuff!

Misuzu and Citadel

Misuzu and Citadel have officially left the IndirectIRC Network.
Misuzu was delinked towards the end of last month due to some personal real life issues with the admin. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.
Citadel was de-linked by Josh after he decided he no longer had the time to dedicate to being a Server Admin. We also wish him the best of luck.
Hikaru and Josh will both be departing from the staff with their servers, and we’ll miss them. Thanks to both of you for not only donating servers to our network, but for all you have done, and for being such great opers and friends. I’ll miss you both here.
There should be more news over the next few weeks, as we do have some pending link apps that will be trial linked for testing, so stay tuned!

sakura? misuzu? citadel?

I forgot to announce these 3 items, so bear with me. has been linked to the network. It is adminned by Dan and is physically located in Los Angeles, CA. This server sees the return of US coverage. It has not been added to the pools yet, due to some network issues.

Now, misuzu was my server, but it has now been transferred to Hikaru. Hikaru and her channel #shatteredplanes joined the network over a year ago, during the short time we were merged with WarpSpeedIRC. She’s smart with computers, and ready to learn the world of servers and IRCds, and you can’t learn properly without doing in my opinion, so she has a server now. Let’s wish her the best of luck, and we’re happy to have her on the team.

Also, I have been notified that Josh is now posting weekly updates on the citadel page. You can view that He’ll be posting updates of what’s going on with him, his latest projects, and other cool stuff, so be sure to check it out.

I think that’s it for now. If you are reading this site, and haven’t been to the network yet, swing by and give us a shot. Point your client at or use the Webchat link in the Navigation bar. We’ll see you there!

Bazinga De-Links

After a differing in viewpoints, and some pointless politics, Simplicity has decided to to leave the network, and pull bazinga. He has started his own network, and we wish him luck in his return to running his own network.
Nothing else has changed, besides this, so this is a relatively short post.
Stay tuned for more news!

citadel, bazinga, and geographical pools!

We have a lot of news to cover, so I’m just gonna jump right into it with this post. :)

First off, administered by Josh has been officially been linked. Josh was a global operator on, and was a co-admin on a former server called

Secondly, administered by Simplicity has been officially linked. Simplicity was a global operator on and was an admin on a former server called bazinga will have IPv6 support, but the IPs have not been assigned by the provider yet, so when they are, it will be assigned an AAAA record, and added to our IPv6 Round-Robin. This puts our IPv6 count at 2 servers.

Third, geographical Round-Robins are back, since bazinga marks our return of US coverage. bazinga is the sole server in the North American Round-Robin, which can be accessed via, and We hope to grow our US coverage over the coming weeks and months. kaoru, misuzu, and citadel make up the European Round-Robin. This Round-Robin can be accessed via, and As always, our main Round-Robin is, and our IPv6 Round-Robin is, for those with IPv6 enabled connections.

That concludes our news for now.
Thanks for flying IndirectIRC!

Why is there no new news?

Well that’s a good question.
The answer is, we don’t have any.
Nothing has changed, besides staff and servers. I might start announcing that here though, if I remember.
Now, back to doing nothing!

New Website Up!

Hello, and welcome to the new IndirectIRC Website.

I know a lot of you have been wondering why it was taking so long to get the new website up, and the answer is here. We made an awesome website, in my opinion. It took a bit longer than expected, but poke around, and enjoy our nice shiny website. :)