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Archive for November, 2013 has landed!

Hi all,

Recently, has added IndirectIRC to the list of networks they serve. What does this mean for you? Well we now have a public bnc service available to the users of IndirectIRC! is a BNC service that allows up to 3 networks for free. For a small fee, a user can upgrade their account, and get their own dedicated IP, and unlimited numbers or networks. is available on several networks, and keeps expanding. They have servers in several regions around the globe. For those that don’t know what a BNC is, it simply keeps you connected to an IRC Network when you are away. It can also log what is said in the channels you are in while you are away, as well as other useful tasks. For more info about the services provides, check their website¬†or go to their irc channel . BNC signups can be done via the bot in , instructions are provided in the channel topic.

Stay tuned for more news soon, and Thanks for Flying IndirectIRC!