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Archive for April, 2012

citadel, bazinga, and geographical pools!

We have a lot of news to cover, so I’m just gonna jump right into it with this post. :)

First off, administered by Josh has been officially been linked. Josh was a global operator on, and was a co-admin on a former server called

Secondly, administered by Simplicity has been officially linked. Simplicity was a global operator on and was an admin on a former server called bazinga will have IPv6 support, but the IPs have not been assigned by the provider yet, so when they are, it will be assigned an AAAA record, and added to our IPv6 Round-Robin. This puts our IPv6 count at 2 servers.

Third, geographical Round-Robins are back, since bazinga marks our return of US coverage. bazinga is the sole server in the North American Round-Robin, which can be accessed via, and We hope to grow our US coverage over the coming weeks and months. kaoru, misuzu, and citadel make up the European Round-Robin. This Round-Robin can be accessed via, and As always, our main Round-Robin is, and our IPv6 Round-Robin is, for those with IPv6 enabled connections.

That concludes our news for now.
Thanks for flying IndirectIRC!